Father’s Rights

Fathers Rights

As a father, YOU HAVE RIGHTS! You have the same rights to custody and/or visitation as the mother. The same laws that apply to the mother also apply to you. It is up to you to make the effort, and take the time to learn what you can do to establish and enforce your parental rights. The biggest mistake that most men make is that they don’t do anything at all. Are you aware that it is against the law for a parent to withhold visitation due to non-payment of child support? Are you aware that the more time you spend visiting your child the lower your child support will be? Does the mother of your child make derogatory remarks about you to your child? Would you like to increase and/or enforce your visitation with your child or even change custody? YOU HAVE RIGHTS!
Has the mother of your child just told you she is planning on moving to another State or Country, or have you just been served with Court documents stating the mother of your child is attempting to get a court order to move away with your child?  YOU HAVE RIGHTS! But, the court is very concerned about the timeliness in which you respond and/or file a Paternity and/or Order To Show Cause/Request for Order to restrain the mother of your child from leaving with your child.

We are a Father’s Rights company, providing family law legal services for fathers in California. We can file in all 58 California Counties. We specialize in helping fathers with custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support for very affordable fees starting at $500 depending on your situation. We also have experienced family law attorneys make court appearances for a flat fee instead of their regular hourly rate.

Affordable Legal Assistance – Serving California

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