ELITE LEGAL is Not an attorney, but a Certified Paralegal directly supervised by an attorney to practice in the Central District of California.  All bankruptcies are supervised by an attorney.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates all of you unsecured debts, i.e. credit card debt, judgments, civil lawsuits, medical bills, wage garnishments, etc. and any other debt that is not secured by collateral. Filing Chapter 7 will stop harassing telephone calls and protects your home and personal property. We provide attorney assisted Chapter 7 Bankruptcies for approximately one-fourth of the cost of an attorney with payment plans available.

People filing for Bankruptcy have faced weeks, months or even year of harassment from creditors demanding payments and threatening lawsuits and collection actions. Bankruptcy puts a stop to all of this. Filing your Bankruptcy Petition instantly creates a federal court order known as an “Automatic Stay”, that requires your creditors to “STOP” all collection efforts against you. So temporarily, most creditors cannot call you, write threatening letters, legally garnish your wages, empty your bank account, go after your car, house or other property.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is highly effective in stopping foreclosure and/or the sale of your home or other real estate. If you are behind in your mortgage payments, Chapter 13 will help you save your home and reduce your unsecured debt. Chapter 13 can also remove a second mortgage off of your property turning it into a “unsecured” loan if there is not enough equity in your home to support the second mortgage. We provide services and attorney representation for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for a very reasonable cost. Call for further information and a quote or visit our website specifically for Bankruptcy at

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